Museum Links Around the World   English home page:  Stundars Open Air Museum and Craft center.  Solf, Finland   English home page:  Brage Open Air Museum. Vasa, Finland.  A farm on the city’s edge in 1800’s, interiors and buildings carefully preserved.  Jakobstad Museum: The Malm Mansion, Runeberg’s Cottage, etc.  Jakobstad, Finland   Nanoq   Exhibits and collections form Arctic life and exploration.  Jakobstad, Finland   Malax Museum Association has three museums on 4 sites.  Brinken was the home of 3 maiden ladies at the turn of the century. Kvarken Boat Museum is one of the most extensive maritime collections on the Gulf of Bothnia. Iron Age Trail is carefully marked for Iron Age communities on the ridges of the Malax Parish.  Oravais Fänrik Ståhl’s center offers a preserved officer’s house, a re-enactment Regiment complete with cannon, all set on the actual battleground of the famous Oravais battle against Russian troops in 1808.  Inland from Oravais  Kimo bruk or foundry opens for festival events, such as the blacksmith championship weekend.  Buildings hold exhibits of equipment, and a model of the foundry in 1763.    Karleby  The Renlund collection of National Romantic art in a burgher’s home of about 1850.   Kristinestad  The old city itself is a walk through a port town in the 1700 and 1800’s.  There are 4 museums, one at a Home District’s park, Kilen.  The Wolf Grotto, 120,00 years old, is a must see.   Nykarleby   Kuddnäs was the birthplace of Zacharius Topelius,  [1818-1898] writer.