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Ted, Edgar (on load) and John Ostrand haying at then end of Manzanita Bay, Washington in 1922. This photo was sent to us by the Skog family in Pörtom, Finland. Matt Skog was John’s brother. The Ostrand family are members of SFHS to this day. SFHS is committed to making connections to Finland for our members and preserving the legacy of their Swedish Finn ancestors. Membership is essential to our mission. Without our members we would be unable to accomplish our mission. Thank you members!

Part of that commitment is fulfilling our promise to our members to provide exclusive access to our archives as we digitize them. We proudly launched our Member Portal this summer that provides access to one-hundred years of the Leading Star newspaper. The Leading Star was the newspaper put out by the Swedish Finn organization the Order of Runeberg. These issues provide clues to the lives of our ancestors. Visit our Member Portal here and if you aren’t a member you can join here! If you need help with login information email us at